Thursday, 20 December 2012

All I want for Christmas [2012]

I'm starting to get into the last few weeks of my time here in France and somehow everything is slowly more and more based around returning to Melbourne, I honestly can't wait!

So I've been sporting the wayfarer style sunglasses since they made their huge comeback and I never got around to buying a new pair. I just can't resist these cat eye sunnies, they're everything I've been missing!
My current phone is on its last leg and I thinks it's finally time to jump on the iPhone bandwagon.
The dress and perfume add to my want of showing some skin and smelling like summer and spring.
The Marc by Marc Jacobs purse has been on my eye for a while now, I'm looking for a smaller wristlet purse to fit into smaller bags.
Of course make up is a must have and I'm dying to try the lipstick that Kate Moss did with Rimmel!

Bella xx