Sunday, 7 October 2012

tell me stories of the sea

A few things that have made me smile multiple times recently.
The first is OPI nail polish in "Onyx", I had a craving for black nail polish recently so I decided to splurge and buy the OPI version because black is black and I love it. 
The other is a necklace I bought in Vietnam about 6 years ago, it has my Vietnamese zodiac sign on it, the year of the Ox. I love adding this to an outfit just to give it that hippie/bohemian touch that I always like to have.
Hope your day is well.
bella x

bag obsessed

These two recent purchases make me so happy. They are both the perfect size to just throw everything into.

The first is a white Ben Simon bag with light blue detailing. I love this bag because I hadn't heard of Ben Simon before I came to France and now I have fallen in love with it. I'm looking forward to wearing a casual outfit with this bag to give it a sporty look.

The second is my new baby (after my camera), a navy blue Longchamp bag, I bought this in Paris after a mad three day and I was so relieved to finally buy it. I've been using this for school because it goes with basically any outfit. 

Before I return to Australia, I'm going to buy a red maroon Longchamp backpack to add to my collection but I'm also looking for a smaller across the body bag, any ideas?

bella x

fond de teint

On the weekend Iwent into Bordeauxwith some Australian friends and decided to finally face the difficult task ofbuying new foundation. I decided on the Sephora ‘Light veil foundation’ becauseI don’t like the look of heavy foundation and the Sephora mineral ‘Compactfoundation’ with a kabuki brush.
I think I’llmainly use the powder for everyday with the liquid foundation as a concealer for my under-eye area, becauseI never have enough time in the morning.
bella x

no shades of grey

These gorgeous photos are from Skunk Hour. 

For some reason I am loving colourless black and white outfits, when I normally always have a splash of colour, maybe it's because I'm about to go into winter for the second time this year. It brings it all down to "less is more" and there is nothing easier in life then being a  minimalist. 
bella x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

cara delevigne

I can't figure out what I love more about Cara Delevigne; her eyebrows or all the faces she can pull off.